Why your resume should always match reality

Why your resume should always be real

The temptation to embellish is very strong, but a good resume and a strong personal brand are based on real skills and abilities. Are we now in the’one of the times when it is most important to’Be clear on how to write a resume and present our personal brand in the most realistic way ? Some figures and facts clearly show that.

How to make a good resume nowadays

L’Marketing and advertising industry is the most important industry in the world’one of the industries with the highest turnover rate. Some studies have shown in recent years that professionals do not last long in their jobs, because’they are very quickly looking for a new profession or a new company in which they can launch their career. According to a study, only 25% of marketers were satisfied with their jobs and 47% of workers were in fact looking for’another job due to their dissatisfaction with the’In respect of their employment in the’where they were working at the time.

At the same time, within the’In the industry, recruiters complain about the lack of information’They have difficulty finding the talent they need to do their job.

A very important part of this situation is a kind of gap between expectations and reality. Many workers complain, in various studies on the subject, that their work is not what they need’s not what they are looking for’s expectations and also that the reality presented when he was a student’they were looking for work n’s not what’they found later. Part of this imbalance is rooted in the very process of finding professionals, between what is counted and what is not’s.

C’This is why it is so important to know how to write a resume in the most appropriate way and, also, to understand why it is important’s not the same’It’s a critical element that will shape not only the work we do, but also the way we go about it’accomplish.

In fact, although the problem is acute in the’marketing and advertising industry, it does not’It is not foreign to them’s other market sectors, and’Other workers, albeit to a lesser extent, also suffer from this. In d’In other sectors, it is also very easy to find employees who are not satisfied with their work or who feel that what they are doing is wrong’They do not fulfill them, because it is not the right thing to do’It is not at all what they were talking about’It’s a good thing that they were expecting when they were hired’they have joined their job.

Perhaps the fundamental problem in this area is a conversation that could be said to be “a bit of an exercise”’it failed. It is true that many job advertisements present a very unrealistic vision of what employees will find later and adorn the advertisement with a positive message’a certain filter pink what will be their real and daily work. But it is also true that’Many candidates find themselves trapped in jobs we love, along with those who are not at the right place’The fundamental problem in this area may be that they have changed the way they work, and that they have changed the way they work to make it more appealing to their clients.

In d’In other words, they have taken their professional truth and put it into their own words’have changed so that’It’s the same as what they want to do’Now that social networks have continuously exposed professionals and that they think their interlocutors want to hear.

Lies and false personal brands

Who is not’s profile did not force things at a certain point and says that’he had a level of’English much higher than what’he really had ? and that n’In addition, in an environment that seems to be increasingly obsessed with personal branding and in which the individual has not transformed his or her “walk around the house” office skills acquired while working with his or her home computer into an advanced knowledge of the Office package in a professional system where you had to check a few technology boxes to advance when creating a new business’a profile ?

C’is almost a pious lie, a kind of game between reality and approximate reality, in order to present itself in a more attractive way to the human resources specialists. When you improve the knowledge you have of those you think companies want to find, by giving them a slight upgrade, you are not getting the same results’s job’It’s the feeling that you are doing something right’s truth and the fact that it is excessively dangerous or that it’is a very serious fault.

Moreover, in an environment that seems increasingly obsessed with personal branding and in which the workplace is not a place where people can’t find the talent they need, it’s not a place where people can’t find the talent they need’The professional image we project is linked to so many of our employees’elements, it seems much more inevitable to cross the line or slightly force things to be much more positive. Now that social networks have continuously exposed professionals and that they think that their interlocutors want to hear about their work, it is not the case’a recurring and positive presence must be maintained, the temptation to always present things in the most optimistic way is almost felt as a logical step.

Suddenly, attending a conference can simply become the most important thing in the world’It’s an opportunity to sell yourself as a very connected person, even if it’s only for a few hours’is not so much. Uploading a photo to Twitter and adding a tag or hashtag doesn’t seem so important. And this n’It is that’an example.

No one wants to be a lowly salesperson.

Lies and half-truths are not only a very risky gamble when it comes to making things up, but also when it comes to making sure that you’re the best at what you do’s’It is necessary to present one’s own professional profile or to build one’s personal brand, but it can also have a very negative impact on the long term. Not only can you get caught up in a job that doesn’t really suit us, but things can end up blowing up in your face. No one wants to end up being pigeonholed though.

Escape from this kind of professional kiss of death such as by’be put in the box of the vendehúmos or the ballast of’Being in a job that does not make us happy is very simple. It all comes down to knowing how to tell the truth and how to present things in the most favorable way. It is not’It is not necessary to transform the passage through a conference – which was the’And this previous example – into an opportunity to show contacts that you do not have to put a lot in your resume’have not or have not’It is not a good idea to occupy positions that are not real, nor to fall into that “pious lie” of automatically raising the bar’half a point the level of education’English.

Our own abilities, the knowledge we have, the experiences we have had and the trajectory we have developed are always sufficient. You have to boast about what you know and what you can really do. After all’The SIM card is the baggage you have and not only should you be proud of it, but it’s also a great way to get your message across’is also the’It is the most powerful asset you can rely on when presenting yourself as a professional.

Making a good CV is simple

All trajectories and profiles are good. Everyone has something to stand out and something that makes them unique. The key to having others see what makes each of us unique, good and exceptional is to know how to say what makes us who we are as such.

You n’You don’t need to have a SIM card’invent anything or inflate things, you have to convey your own abilities and talents in the best possible way.

L’How to use it’Tools that help us to better write our resume, such as CVWizard, help us to achieve this goal. L’important n’s not to put a lot of things in the resume, but rather that you’in addition to’If they are true, they are presented in the most favorable way’a way that is easy to follow and helps the recipient to quickly spot our strengths. Therefore, the solutions that guide us in the structuring of the presentation are’Information has a very positive impact on the way we prepare and share it.

And what happens with the’A good resume is not only a good idea, it is also a good idea to make sure that you have the other elements that help shape your professional image and personal brand. Our presence on social networks must be consistent and must reflect what we do and why we are good at it. When introducing our’When introducing our professional story, it is necessary to present our own professional profile or build our personal brand’The best way to do this is to use techniques such as narration to allow our interlocutors not only to follow our story, but also to understand why we are valuable.

Having a good personal brand and presenting yourself as a good professional only involves knowing how to use and make the best use of the things we have.