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Why use the’Microsoft Word tool for business ?

Many companies use Microsoft Word. This tool is used to write administrative letters, etc. It allows you to format a text according to the established standards. Why adopt it for your company ?

Qu’is Word ?

Word is the word processing software of the Microsoft Office suite. The latter integrates other basic office tools, namely :

  • Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet software for the design of tables and spreadsheets);
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (presentation software for creating slide shows) ;
  • Microsoft Outlook (professional messaging software for the establishment of an address book, a calendar, etc.).).

Since its creation in 1983, the word processing software Word has been constantly revised and updated. These modifications are aimed not only at improving it, but also at expanding its functionalities. Among these, you will find :

  • Text writing;
  • The creation of tables;
  • The set-up;
  • The layout ;
  • Inserting images.

Word 2019 is the latest version of the word processing tool in the Office suite. Among the new features Some of the features of this variant include improved functionality of the digital pen, book navigation and translation.

Why use Microsoft Word in business ?

As far as word processing is concerned, Word is an excellent tool reference in companies. Adopt it to facilitate many tasks and save time. You can use it to :

  • Prepare estimates or invoices;
  • Write press releases;
  • Manage employee records at the human resources level;
  • Modify certain information in letters sent as part of a mailing.

In addition, you can easily save information thanks to this office software. In any case, it is necessary to master it in order to make the most of it in a professional setting. To understand the advanced features of Office Word, consider taking an office automation course.

You will be able to deepen your knowledge and learn, for example, how to crop an image in Word.

You should know that this tool is even more interesting for your company if it is part of Ms-Office 365. This is the Microsoft office suite based on the Cloud. By choosing this solution, you will be able to use all Microsoft office software online. At the time of the digital transformation of companies, it allows you to optimize productivity and collaborative work.

It gives users the tools they need, anytime and from anywhere.

What is the price of Microsoft Word for a company ?

If you want to use Word in your business, you need to set aside some money. Indeed, Microsoft Office is one of the paid office suites. Depending on your professional use, you can choose between the Office 2019 package and Office 365 Business.

The Office 2019 suite is composed of the majority of the tools necessary to carry out office tasks such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, etc. It also includes a license key. To benefit from this solution, you will pay 279 euros one time. No subscription is required afterwards.

However, the license is only valid for for a single computer. You will have to buy the same number of packs as the number of PCs used.

Office 365 Business also integrates the basic office automation tools of the Microsoft. On the other hand, this pack includes OneDrive (with a storage space of 1 TB) and a renewable annual license. This is valid for 5 PCs and 5 smartphones or tablets.

To get this software suite, you will have to pay a annual subscription of 99 euros plus VAT, i.e. 1.65 euros per month per user.

How to download Word for free ?

How do I download Word for free?

Don’t expect to find a free unlimited version of Ms-Word. If someone tries to offer you one, you should be wary, because it is definitely a pirated software.

You still have the possibility to download Ms-Office 365 and use Word for 30 days without paying anything. Thereafter, you can take out a subscription. To download Word for free:

  • Open the Microsoft page and click on ” Try it for free for 1 month ” ;
  • Access your Microsoft account. If you haven’t created one yet, go to Click on ” Getting connected “then about” Create an account “. Use your usual e-mail address and then click on ” Next ” ;
  • Press again on ” Next “to confirm that you want to subscribe to a free trial ;
  • Choose the payment method. Rest assured, you will not be charged, as you will delete your account after 30 days ;
  • Click on ” Install ” ;
  • Press the same button again to start the download;
  • Once this is completed, press ” Close “.

What are the best alternatives to Microsoft Word? ?

What are the best alternatives to Microsoft Word?

There are powerful and free alternatives to Word. Google Docs online text editor is one of them. Accessible from any computer with a browser, it appeals to a growing number of professionals.

Also allows online word processing, Zoho Writer is a competitor to Google Docs. This tool belongs to the Zoho office suite which also includes a spreadsheet and presentation software.

In terms of offline word processing software, you can opt for LibreOffice Writer. This tool is available for Windows, macOS and Linux devices. Its interface ensures compatibility with different file formats (.doc, .docx, .rtf, etc.).

OpenOffice Writer is another choice. It is a free software belonging to the Apache OpenOffice suite. It is compatible with any Word document that you can open and edit.

In a Mac environment, Pages is the ideal word processor. This tool is part of the iWork office suite developed by Apple. It meets the same needs as those of Word users.