Ratatype How to improve my typing speed on the Euresa System keyboard

Ratatype : How to improve my typing speed ?

Who wouldn’t want to write as fast as’a professional typist ? The typing speed is calculated in mpm (words per minute). On average, a secretary types 50 mpm, but the fastest can write between 80 and 120 words per minute. Since the’With the advent of digital technology, knowing how to write on a keyboard is essential, but it is not enough’is even better if you are fast.

To train’To train, there are sites like Ratatype. How this platform works ? What are the solutions to improve your typing speed ?

Ratatype: how it works ?

Ratatype is a site dedicated to the’improve your typing speed, but also on the technique. The goal is to improve your typing speed’train to write fast and make as few mistakes as possible. C’is a free tool that can be used to’It is for everyone.

As soon as you register, you will be asked to take a speed test to estimate your current typing speed.

You have access to 19 lessons, each one has several exercises. To validate an exercise, you must make less than three mistakes. Each exercise will help you to work on a precise point concerning the speed and precision of typing (how to arrange your fingers, etc).

The site also offers advice on how to use the light’general order for good keyboarding.

Why should you’register on Ratatype ?

As a particular, you can register for fun, especially if you like to take on challenges. Nevertheless, writing as fast and well as’a typist will not be able to do anything for you’a great help if you do not work on a computer.

For those who often use their PC in a small room, it is recommended to choose a model that limits the glare professional setting, learn to type fast s’proves very useful. There are now’Today there are many jobs where you have to write with a keyboard (secretary, editor, etc.) and it is important to master it well to save time.

After passing tests on Ratatype, you will get a Silver, Gold or Platinum certificate depending on your typing speed and accuracy (number of mistakes per 100 words).

What is the first test ?

What does the first test consist of?

The test which aims to calculate your typing speed in words per minute and your accuracy is simple. A text s’displays and you have to type it as fast as possible. Every time you make a typing mistake, you can’t move forward. The difficulty is the fact that’you have to read the text and type’Write at the same time.

Of course, to get a optimal result, It is preferable to know your keyboard by heart and not to have to look down. Before you’To get to this point, you’ll need to be very careful’practice a few hours..

Tips to increase your typing speed

Tips to increase your typing speed

To write quickly and well, there are several tips to follow:

  • Finding the right posture : l’The computer should be on the desk, your back should be straight, your feet should be flat and your shoulders should not be hunched. Your wrists should be at the same height as the keyboard and your eyes should be 45 cm from the keyboard’s screen (up to’to 70 cm maximum).
  • Practice without looking at the keyboard : c’is the’one of the most effective workouts. As you go through the exercises, you will intuitively know where to place your fingers to type without looking at the keyboard.
  • Learn the keyboard shortcuts It is important to be very careful about what you do: bolding, selecting, underlining, etc. can take time. With keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+G, Ctrl+C and others, you will save precious time.
  • Do some dictations To train yourself to type correctly, start an audio book and type what you hear. You are working on the’spelling, typing speed and accuracy.
  • Learn the basic position : c’is the position your fingers should be in before writing. Place your index fingers on the F and J keys and then your middle, ring and little fingers on the keys next to them. Your thumbs should be positioned on the space bar. As soon as the’If one of your fingers moves to type on a key, it should automatically return to its home position.

With Ratatype, you’ll learn a lot of new things tips for better writing, but it’is above all the’practice that will pay off. But you should know that’before d’If you are not satisfied with your typing speed, think about improving your accuracy, because the goal is to improve the quality of your work’to write quickly but well !