Market trend: the most popular product categories sold online in recent years

Market trend: the categories of products most sold online in recent years

Online shopping is now part of the daily life of the French. This practice even convinced the most reluctant during the health crisis. Travel restrictions have indeed led the majority of households to resort to online services. Since then, e-commerce sites have been very busy throughout the year.

This phenomenon has a significant influence on the market trends.

What are the most sold products online these last years ?

The democratization of e-commerce has led to a diversification of products the most sold products online these last years. Consumers are using this channel to purchase a variety of items, from appliances to staplers. However, they continue to appreciate the great discretion of lingerie, fashion and toy stores like www.adameteve.en.

On the other hand, the Web remains a space of predilection for the amateurs of innovation and technology. High-tech products are still very important in the sector. Moreover, this segment is the origin of most of the players in the online discount market.

The offer is consequent and varied in this department. Customers also benefit from competitive prices in this area.

Sex toys

The sex toys are probably the bestsellers of the Internet since the appearance of this sales channel. However, this assumption is difficult to quantify because of the discretion of buyers and sellers. This is precisely the main asset of specialized sites in this field.

These online stores allow you to buy an anal plug, a vibrator or BDSM accessories without worrying about indiscretions.

Buying toys online also gives access to a rich catalog and a home delivery service. The sales have exploded at the first confinement, because the regulars of the stores have switched to the Internet. Revenues have increased exponentially again during the second containment.

Indeed, many people do not have good memories of the stressful March-April period. Couples have also anticipated the routine that tends to set in under these conditions.

High tech products

Not surprisingly, the high tech items are among the best-selling products online in recent years. The phenomenon is explained by the undeniable success of these devices with all customer profiles. Consumers also benefit from the convenience of this channel.

Indeed, Internet users have the possibility to acquire a tablet or a curved PC screen at any time and at home.

For their part, e-merchants have managed to gain the public’s trust thanks to the quality of their products and guarantees. These two points have long held back buyers. They often had reservations about the items displayed and the after-sales service.

Nevertheless, the professionals of the sector have proven their reliability and efficiency.

High tech products

Kitchen appliances

The hen it comes to kitchen equipment can surprise in the selection of the best sales on the Web. However, this department has always been sensitive to fashion, regardless of the distribution channel. Consumers want to quickly get the latest devices or tools for a trendy recipe.

Logically, they turn to e-commerce sites.

In recent years, it is impossible to ignore the craze for raclette and homemade bread. Internet users are thus numerous to equip themselves on line to please their close relations or to surprise their guests. Waffle irons are also a growing success thanks to social media.

These networks also represent springboards for inventors of efficient and original kitchen appliances.

Office supplies

Given their variety, the office supplies are inevitably among the most sold products online these last years. This category ranges from calculators to accessories such as grommets or paperweights. The department also includes :

  • Staplers, punching machines, labelling and laminating machines ;
  • Pens, pencils, markers and highlighters;
  • Rulers and scissors;
  • Diaries, notebooks, notepads and notepads;
  • Consumables (ink cartridges, glue, reams of paper, staples…);
  • Envelopes, folders and binders ;
  • Professional stamps;
  • The badges.

In its broadest sense, office supplies also include furniture (chairs, tables, storage …). The computer equipment is, on the other hand, a category in its own right. In any case, the demand for office supplies tends to increase with the multiplication of teleworkers and freelancers.

These professionals essentially carry out their online shopping.