What are the limitations of distance learning

What are the limitations of distance learning? 

Distance learning has grown exponentially since the Covid-19 crisis. When the first lockdown was announced in France in March 2020, there was a 30% increase in requests for this type of instruction. Previously, they totaled 10%, compared to 90% for face-to-face sessions. Distance learning has advantages and disadvantages. These are discussed below.

What are the advantages of distance learning?’distance learning ?

The distance learning refers to the mode of learning that takes place outside of a school and is characterized byphysical absence of teachers. It can be accessed from anywhere. The implementation of this system requires several specific tools, including :

  • Communication tools ;
  • File sharing tools;
  • Video conferencing tools.

Distance learning offers significant advantages. First of all, it allows you to work while pursuing your studies. It is thus an excellent way for the learner to familiarize himself with the working world before setting up his start-up.

Distance learning can also be considered by an employee who is aiming for a higher position or a professional retraining.

Moreover, this form of education has no impact on the validity of the diploma. The exams taken by distance learners are validated by the French National Education.

It should also be noted that it is possible to find an internship wide choice of distance learning courses. It is indeed compatible with a large number of sectors. For example, it is possible to take advantage of distance learning to get a job in the marketing sector.

This solution can also be used to learn catering, secretarial, accounting or computer skills.

In addition, distance learning is an option session. It allows you to reduce your travel expenses. Sometimes, it can also reduce expenses related to food and lodging.

Yes, but distance learning also has its limitations

Distance learning does not only have advantages. This learning method also has several advantages disadvantages. As it is mostly done online, it is necessary to have a professionalinvesting in the right equipment (computer, webcam, video conferencing software, etc.).) and in a high speed internet connection.

This is one of the main limitations limitations of distance learning.

Because it provides so much freedom, learners may be tempted to procrastinate. However, this bad habit may considerably increase their workload. It is even likely to havecause them to fail.

Several learners who have used distance learning report that they did not receive good pedagogical support. While they needed advice, some have hesitated to ask for some, because they were afraid of disturbing their teachers by contacting them on the phone or by sending them an e-mail. They would have preferred to have them more effectively supervised. Others regret the lack of responsiveness of their teachers.

In fact, they had to wait one to three weeks to receive the answer key for an assignment.

L'lack of human contact is also among the limitations of distance learning. The isolated learner is likely to feel abandoned. This situation can lead to a decrease in motivation.

It is even possible that it will lead to the abandonment of online courses.

Yes, but distance learning also has its limits

L’It is also worthwhile to train face-to-face in the computer field

The lack of organization is one of the main limits of distance learning. By constantly postponing his revisions to the next day, the learner runs irreparably towards failure. Reconcile online and face-to-face courses represents an excellent solution to avoid such a situation. This mode of learning, called telepresential training, particularly suitable for computer students, because they need a quality educational follow-up.

It offers the advantages of distance learning while eliminating its disadvantages. Focused on the human element, telepresential training ensures the assimilation of knowledge and its reuse by the learners.

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