What is the principle of business telephony?

What is the principle of business telephony?

If you are here c’is that you have just created a company. You therefore need to be able to communicate with your customers’It is a means of communication that will facilitate exchanges within your team as well as with other companies’with your customers. So you've heard of enterprise telephony’What is an intelligent call management system?.

You also know that’it handles all the company's incoming calls. However, you would like to know in more detail what it is that you need to know’What is it and how does it really work. Don't panic, we will answer all your questions about this revolutionary telephony system.

What What is telephony of use?

The telephony of’Business telephony is also called IP telephony. C’Business telephony is a telephone communication technology that works through the use of telephone lines’an Internet network. It is more and more popular with professionals.

Indeed, it is particularly easy to use’You can use it because voice, messages, fax and video are all on one Internet stream. It differs from basic telephony thanks to the innovative services that it offers’it offers :

  • Unlimited calls on all mobiles in France
  • A unique number for each employee
  • The management of incoming and outgoing calls and multi-calls
  • The presence of’an interactive voice server
  • The possibility of data transfer’calls

The advantages of business telephony’What is the principle of business telephony

s phone system’The company is useful for all types of business’company. However, this is not the case’This is a considerable asset for small businesses in particular. In fact, the’The investment is much more profitable for several reasons:

  • A good saving of money’money: you usually don't have to install many phone lines.
  • Much simpler communications: the telephone, conference calls and fax are unified in one place that will generally be accessible to all the employees that need to use it’Whether they are in the office or on the road.
  • Security during calls: the various functionalities of this telephony system allow the user to communicate easily with the other users’You need to be able to benefit from the necessary confidentiality when making telephone calls.
  • L’Customer data analysis: you can use the phone conversations made by your employees to analyze the data’Learn more about your customers.

The different steps of the installation’installation of’a telephony of choice’company

To properly install a professional telephone system in your company, it is important to consider the following’order of steps that’a telephony technician must follow in order to make the calls’To be sure that the’The installation is correct. Indeed, a good installation requires to take into account a certain number of criteria’elements :

  • Make the choice of the’installation of’an IPBX switchboard: this is the only way to ensure that your employees can access the IP network’The IPBX is the telephone switchboard that will be connected to the Internet network in your premises.
  • Determine the number of stations within the company’business: you must determine the number of fixed terminals and the number of cell phones because you will need to transmit this information to the supplier you choose and when you choose the telephony package you will make.
  • Choosing a good telephony provider: there are about ten different providers’A good saving for your business’company everywhere in France. If you are located in Normandy, for example, you can easily choose a good telephony company in Normandy from a large selection of companies’IPBX telephony companies.
  • Verify the correct connection of the equipment by the professional: the connection of the equipment to the telephone system’An IPBX is particularly simple. Indeed, computers are connected to VoIP stations that are connected to the IP network.
  • Observe the computer settings: in fact, it is necessary to check that all the necessary configurations have been carried out in order to allow the user to write quickly but correctly’make calls both internally and externally’externally.

The technology of distance learning’This is a revolutionary telephony system that offers much more freedom than the traditional telephony system’an ordinary telephone system. It allows to manage properly the’It allows to manage all the calls made within the company’company. A professional will follow all the steps so that you can benefit from the training’a perfect installation.