Cleaning professionals 5 reasons to buy a scrubber-dryer

Cleaning professionals: 5 reasons to acquire a scrubber-dryer

This equipment has completely revolutionized floor maintenance techniques. It gradually relegates brooms, vacuum cleaners and mops to oblivion. It is a growing success and specialists in the sector are buying more and more of them. So, we decided to take a look at the advantages of this device.

Discover the 5 reasons why you should get a scrubber-dryer now.

A versatile equipment

A scrubber-drier represents a 4 in 1 industrial cleaning machine. It cleans the surfaces in a single pass. Unlike the sweeper, it is not content with dry maintenance. After collecting the dirt, it moistens the floor and cleans it thoroughly before automatically drying it out.

It adapts to all floors. This device really makes life easier for cleaning professionals. Different models exist on the market.

They stand out by their specificities. You make your choice according to the type of surface to be treated.

  • L’scrubber-dryer without traction Advances to the push of the user. Very ergonomic, it can be handled with disconcerting ease. Its wheels and brushes ensure a thorough cleaning. It remains very popular for the maintenance of small areas of about 500 m².
  • L’self-propelled scrubber-drier moves without human assistance. However, your presence is necessary for its guidance. It is more versatile than the previous model. It usually includes a battery. This allows it to work autonomously. You also have the possibility to connect it directly to the electrical network. Guarantees good results on areas from 500 to 2,000 m². It easily overcomes slopes.
  • L’Ride-on scrubber-drier is the reference model for the maintenance of rooms from 2,000 to 8,000 m². It has a seat. The user controls it for floor cleaning. You benefit from a real comfort. You can quickly clean large areas without feeling any fatigue. This equipment integrates a thermal engine. Some versatile models also have an internal battery. This allows them to operate autonomously.

As for the single brush, it ensures only the washing and the drying of the ground. Its configuration prevents it from dusting the surfaces it covers. It is satisfied with a superficial action.

It is perfectly suited for cleaning the entrance of establishments and alleys. Many companies buy them for the quick maintenance of their premises. Scrubbers remain particularly popular with cleaning professionals. To purchase or rent the best models available on the market, visit the home page https://www.scrubber-dryer.en. You can find machines of major brands as Kärcher, Faimax, Cleanfix, Nilfisk, Hako, etc.

The site provides you with all the information you need to easily identify the equipment that will meet your expectations. You can request a quote at any time. The manufacturer offers preferential prices with a very attractive price-performance ratio.

An efficient equipment

The popularity of scrubbers is explained by their ease of use undeniable efficiency. Models with a circular brush or a roller ensure a thorough cleaning of all surfaces. It frees the floor from almost all residues before polishing it to make it clean and shiny. The versions with a disc tray are especially suitable for cleaning very dirty surfaces. No matter which scrubber-dryer you choose, you can clean surfaces with less constraints.

The work becomes much less tedious and time consuming. This equipment remains a first choice tool for cleaning professionals. It guarantees an optimal cleaning of the premises. This represents a considerable asset.

You can give your customers complete satisfaction. Companies will not hesitate to retain your offer when they discover the equipment at your disposal. This allows you to to win more markets.

Of course, you will be able to increase your turnover quickly.

A saving of time

Many cleaning professionals have adopted scrubbers because of their great practicality. With this equipment, the maintenance of the premises no longer takes forever. Agents no longer have to make long efforts to obtain remarkable results.

In the blink of an eye, they dust, polish and dry large areas. The floor becomes shiny as if by magic in an instant. Cleaning professionals save a lot of time with this equipment. They no longer need to send several people to service a business.

When you have a scrubber-dryer, two agents are more than enough per establishment. The use of this device allows you to quickly obtain new contracts and to improve the quality of your workexpand your market share. Your business will grow faster and your turnover will increase dramatically.

Ergonomic equipment

The configuration of the scrubbers saves the users from any fatigue. Agents will no longer have to continually get up and down. They are no longer subject to the constraints associated with the use of brooms and mops.

Your employees will no longer complain about curves or battery-powered machines joint pain after each job. They will stay in great shape and perform their various tasks with real pleasure. With these machines, cleaning the floor is child’s play.

Many models exist on the market. You can make your choice freely according to the comfort you are looking for. The no-pull versions require a little effort to push. Some machines work without any assistance.

They require simple guidance. Buy a ride-on machine if you want to have fun cleaning surfaces. The supply mode is also an important criterion.

The electric models plug directly into the mains. They are exclusively suitable for cleaning small spaces. For cleaning medium-sized parts, we recommend battery operated machines. Their autonomy can reach 5 hours.

This is more than enough for office maintenance. For easy cleaning of large surfaces, use thermal machines instead. These models integrate engines that use gasoline, diesel or LPG.

An easy to maintain equipment

A maintenance of the car transporter is necessary for its efficient operation. Fortunately, it does not require any particular skill. Everyone can take care of it. After each use, you have to empty the water tank dirty water tank. This is done via a hose in a specific basin or pit.

You clean the hose properly to avoid clogging with waste. Also wash the emptying hatch and leave it open until the next job. This prevents foul odors from accumulating. Drain the clean water tank if you don’t use your scrubber dryer regularly. Periodically, you must clean the accessories of your equipment. The procedure is quite simple.

You thoroughly unscrew the brush or the washing disc. Then you rinse with clean water. You only put it back together after it has dried.

Take this opportunity to check the degree of wear of the master parts. They must be replaced if they have a rounded and not very sharp shape.

Some models require recharging of the battery battery after each use. This must be done on a 220 V mains supply. The customer will certainly not allow you to use his electric current to refuel. So make arrangements before moving your machine. Check the demineralized water level regularly. If necessary, complete.

A good maintenance of the battery extends its life. This also helps to prevent malfunctions and the recurring breakdowns.