Which cell phone subscription without commitment

Which cell phone subscription without commitment ?

Among the many’In the cell phone subscription market, it is sometimes difficult to find the best offer’The high tech products section is a good place to start, especially with the many temporary promotional offers that suppliers are offering. How to open a line with the best provider ? we have listed for you the traditional offers of each operator, without taking into account the promotional offers.

An advantageous mobile package with strong customer support

La Poste s’is launched in the phone market since 2011 now, in partnership with SFR. It offers interesting mobile packages, because without commitment and at lower cost. L’The most interesting offer is the one that the operator has chosen’You can subscribe directly on their mobile at 10 euros* per month. This web exclusive offers 2 hours of’unlimited SMS/MMS calls, 5GO of data in 4G; and’a very attractive asset: unlimited access to the Universal Music catalog.

This package is also usable from the Internet’Europe and the DOM/TOMs, like all La Poste packages.

You also have the possibility to cumulate an internet box and mobile offer, which strongly reduces the costs. For example, the 19 euro* package is now only 10 euros, which, with its 60 GB of data, makes it very attractive and cheap.

L’one of the big advantages remains its customer care. Indeed, La Poste offers a phone loan in case of loss or theft, as well as the possibility to buy a new phone’acquire a new phone every 22 months by accumulating loyalty points. In addition, for any questions, whether it is a change of package, or a claim, the SAV is available in 10.You can also sign up by phone with 30.In addition to the above-mentioned major operators, there are more than 1,000 telephone advisors available 24/7 on the web.

Subscribe to an internet box on the free portal for a free mobile package

First to date on the low-cost cell phone market, Free offers packages more than’interesting. Its no-commitment plan for 2 euros has already attracted many customers since its creation and the number of subscriptions is constantly increasing’increase. But with only 2h of’Despite unlimited calls and SMS and MMS, its 50 MB of 4G internet connection is often insufficient for smartphone owners, who tend to prefer the 20 euro* package, with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, plus 100 GB of 4G data.

The big advantage of s’to subscribe to Free is when’we also take the opportunity to register with a small operator to make the most of their services’internet at home. In fact, the customers who have a’Those who subscribe to a freebox can see their 20-euro phone plan drop to 16 euros, and those who subscribe to a 2euro plan will see their mobile contract become free, i.e. 0 euros with no hidden costs.

Another advantage is that you n’You don’t always have to go to one of their stores to sign up, you just have to go to their website’open an account on the internet to access your customer area and manage your different options. You can also change your plan in just a few clicks and contact customer service from your subscriber area.

Become a Bouygues customer without changing your mobile number ?

At Bouygues, the low-cost B&You offers are numerous. They start from 8 euros and s’spread out until’You can also go to the most expensive package at 25 euros, all offering unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. They are differentiated mainly by the amount of data they can use on the Internet and by their prices for international calls.

So these are very interesting packages if you have family to’abroad for example.

To register with Bouygues, you just need to go to one of their stores to sign up’to open a line’a line and the creation of an account’a number or the resumption of your old number thanks to your RIO number. You can then access your personal account to activate your new SIM card or reuse the existing one’old.

Open a line at SFR to benefit from Red offers

At SFR, the low-cost Red offers range from 5 to 20 euros. As with Bouygues, most of these no-commitment plans include unlimited calls, SMS and MMS – except for the €5 plan where calls are limited – and are also differentiated by their amount of data usable on the Internet, as well as unlimited calls to landlines in 55 international destinations for the €20 contract.

How to open a line with them ? It is also enough to go to the Internet to access your account’You can subscribe to one of their contracts in one of their stores and then access your personal space on the Internet.

Create an account with Orange for a low-cost mobile subscription

On the Orange side, it is’The only other operator that offers low-cost subscriptions without commitment is the sub-brand Sosh. From 5 to 25 euros, their contracts are very similar to Free’s, with two additional tiers of packages. To take out a subscription with Orange, same as for the other operators – except Free -, go to the nearest Orange store to create your line.

If you are already an Orange customer, you can contact them via your online account to request a contract transfer. Otherwise, you will have to ask for a new SIM card or a number transfer thanks to your RIO number.

S’Register with a small operator to play the competition

In addition to the major operators mentioned above, you should know that’there are also small and less known providers such as La Poste or Prixtel. Prixtel’s offers’It is very similar to the Free contracts, with two subscriptions: a basic one and a complete one. For the Post Office, on the other hand, the choice is good, with no less than seven very interesting offers.

How to get a phone with a no commitment plan ?

Note, however, that no-commitment plans, although they may be more expensive, are not always available’they are very interesting in terms of their prices, n’no cell phone included in their subscription offers. Thus, if you register for n’Regardless of which of the above subscriptions you choose, even if you switch providers, you will not receive a new phone for the same price’opening d’a line.

However, and in order to make competition work, the different operators regularly launch promotional offers with free cell phones or packages at reduced prices for a certain period of time. C’This is often the case for Christmas, during the summer or at the beginning of the school year. It is therefore recommended to regularly inquire about current offers.