What sport to play at lunchtime

Which sport to practice during lunch break ?

The practice of a sports activity during the lunch break offers many guarantees, beneficial at the time of getting back to work. By definitely boosting your fitness, working out at noon could well become a habit in the coming weeks for you. Unlike the morning sport, it does not make you lose a few precious minutes of sleep and allows you to devote your evening to another pleasure.

For people who have time to unwind at lunchtime or the freedom to organize their working day as they see fit, sports at lunchtime are more than enjoyable. But at What kind of activity can you engage in in the coming weeks ? We give you some ideas, whether you are alone or accompanied by your colleagues.

The sport to practice with others

If you don’t feel the need to lock yourself away during your break and you need to be in contact with others, then a sport like squash could be a good way to relax with others !


Discipline more and more practiced in France, like padel, often present in the same sports centers, squash allows to let off steam in an abundant way !

Very physical, pleasant, but above all perfect to let off steam deep inside yourself, a squash session can be with a colleague, the way to let go.

At making a weekly appointment for a game with a colleague or simply a friend, squash could become an ally of choice to remove for long minutes, the recurrent pressure brought by work.

If, for reasons that seem obvious, the practice of squash is currently complicated to set up, the next few weeks should allow you to add this new leisure activity to the calendar.


This practice has many advantages and one of the most practical when it comes to acclimatizing to the practice from the workplace. Indeed, with a pair of shoes and adapted clothes, the bag and the logistics are far from being cumbersome to anticipate a training during your lunch break at work.

In addition, running can be done, as you know, at your own pace. The midday training can be used as a short break or as a session to relax. No matter how much time you have, a walk will always do you good and can be adapted to your schedule.

A group outing running can also be an opportunity to share a moment outside of work with some of your colleagues. The only drawback is that the pace may not be the same for everyone.

Sports to practice alone or accompanied

Playing with colleagues or in the quietest of places ? It’s up to you.

Poker, an intellectual sport

N’don’t think that sport is only for physical fitness’being physical. Various disciplines could bring you a significant well-being at the time of your break and for that, it is necessary to’You don’t necessarily have to sweat a lot, on the contrary !

Playing poker with a few of your colleagues could do you a lot of good during your lunch break. It would also be the assurance to leave for an afternoon of work, without the slightest anxiety and much more relaxed. It is not for nothing that poker is considered good for your health. By playing a small game, you will be more productive !

L’idea remains the same if you prefer start a game of squash’chess against a colleague. It will be a real boost to your concentration ! Discuss this with your friends and family and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us’If you have a colleague who particularly enjoys chess, you know what to expect’If you want to make the most of your break and do so in a calm environment, then the practice of sport is the right thing to do during your next break between noon and two.

Yoga, a meditation sport

To perfect your relaxation and take a real break, a yoga session can be a great way to relax’be extremely pleasant. D’all the more so since’It is possible to manage your sessions as well as possible: from 20 to 60 minutes, A yoga session is always good for the body and the environment’spirit. It is possible to do it in group or alone: it is the ideal to alternate the types of yoga and never get bored.

Sports to be practiced alone

If you want to make the most of your break and do so as calmly as possible, then the practice of sport is for you’a sport like swimming’proves to be perfect !


Just like the sports mentioned above, swimming also brings monumental benefits to physical and moral health. One of the strong points of this discipline is that it adapts to everyone and it is rare to know anyone who cannot, physically, practice swimming.

If running can make those with recurrent lower limb problems reluctant, swimming can be a perfect activity for a return to sport or for convalescence.

Many workers practice it during the lunch break or during their working day. With an activity that uses all the muscles of the body, swimming also allows you to considerably improve your cardiovascular capacities. The solicitation of the respiratory system and the stimulation of venous return also bring strong guarantees to this practice.

The relaxation is also total at the moment of leaving the pool. Perfect to start working again !