Why train as an optician?

Why train as an optician?

Becoming an optician is an opportunity to practice an exciting profession. It requires multiple skills ranging from commercial sense to computer skills. Moreover, it is a promising sector: three out of four French people wear corrective glasses.

It only takes two years of training after a scientific baccalaureate to join this field.

To perform several jobs in one !

As a’As an optician, you will be doing a technical, medical and artistic job at the same time. This transversal aspect is one of the attractions of the program.

Note that you will have to appreciate the manual work. Remember that the equipment used to file glasses includes polishing tools. This is one of the common points with the jeweler's profession.

You will also have to maintain the frames and make adjustments.

Have direct contact with customers

If you have a sense of commerce, then enroll in an optical license training program and you will have the certainty of having rewarding days during which you will interact with customers of all ages and social classes.

You will learn to listen to the needs of your customers, to understand and even anticipate their expectations in terms of glasses in order to offer them the best possible optical products.

During your training, you will have acquired the necessary tools to understand the functioning of a panoply of other accessories used in corrective optics (glasses) and leisure (binoculars, telescopes).

Guaranteed work after training !

Whether it's in someone else's company or your own, you are almost guaranteed to find a job after the training. Almost 90% of graduates are hired within one quarter of completing the training. You will earn an average of 2 800 € per month.

Given that 73% of French people wear corrective visual devices, this sector does not leave professionals without a job !

Often, you will be the first resort since it takes almost 85 days to get an appointment with an ophthalmologist.