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Bitcoin news: what news for this crypto-currency ?

Bitcoin made history by being the first cryptocurrency available to the general public. Today, virtual currency has the highest valuation on the market. It also serves as an indicator for the price of cryptocurrencies.

However, private investors must remain vigilant to avoid unpleasant surprises related to speculation and volatility of digital currencies.

How to explain Bitcoin simply ?

The Bitcoin news influence the value of the electronic money just like shares on the stock market. The price is indeed based on the principle of supply and demand. A crisis of confidence can therefore cause a depreciation of the asset. Conversely, a boost in popularity will improve its capitalization.

This currency also derives its value from the scarcity, because of its 21 million unit cap.

The maximum quantity announced is inherent to the operation of the network. As a reminder, the digital currency has been created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. No one knows the identity of the individual or group behind the pseudonym.

Anyway, the inventor of the virtual currency has writing the initial code for the blockchain (blockchain).

Unlike fiat currencies, crypto-currencies are not neither issued nor managed by banking institutions. It is produced on computer by miners. These must solve complex mathematical calculations to validate transactions on the network and create a new block. In return, they receive a reward in bitcoins. The remuneration is halved after the creation of 210,000 blocks.

As a result, the premium tends to zero approaching 21 million.

Bitcoin news

The halving is part of the Bitcoin news the most followed by the crypto community. This term refers to the fact that halve the premium of miners. Thus, it has a significant impact on the profitability of participating in the blockchain.

Initially, the mining used to pay 50 BTC per block. The award is currently worth 6.25 BTC, after the last halving in May 2020. The The next one is scheduled for 2024.

You can also buy Bitcoin on specialized platforms instead of mining. Moreover, miners need more and more powerful computers due to the increasing difficulty of the mathematical problems to solve. However, you must take care that it is not precautions before entering the cryptomarket.

On the one hand, bet only the funds you are able to lose. The risks of capital loss are indeed important on this volatile asset. On the other hand, follow the news to anticipate the prices of the virtual currency.

You will be able to optimize your chances of realizing capital gains.

Bitcoin, a legal currency in El Salvador

At June 2021, the parliamentarians of the El Salvador have adopted a integrating Bitcoin into local currencies. The text has been in force since September 7, despite the apprehension of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank. President Nayib Bukele, for his part, was particularly enthusiastic on Twitter as the date approached.

The head of state also announced the acquisition of 400 bitcoins (approximately $20.9 million), according to the’Digital Century article. Through this innovation, the country aims to improving the financial inclusion of the population. Indeed, traditional financial services are still inaccessible for 70% of Salvadorans. However, analysts fear the impact of the volatility of this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin, a legal tender in El Salvador

France’s position on Bitcoin

El Salvador has captured the public’s attention in the news Bitcoin Since the beginning of the second half of 2021. It is indeed the first state to recognize this virtual money as a currency with currency in its territory. The cryptocurrency will eventually cover daily transactions in several countries, according to Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson.

The France, for its part, remain cautious vis-à-vis the virtual economy. However, it has not provided specific regulations for all alternative currencies like BTC. For the time being, the institutional limit themselves to raise awareness against these high volatility assets. They also give various tips on how to choose your Internet browser, your exchange site, your tokens, your virtual wallets..

For more security, the Bank of France and the AMF encourage in particular to favor platforms approved by the ACPR. The French state has also put in place a legal framework to govern ICOs (initial coin offerings) as of 2018. However, the country is quite skeptical about the mass adoption of virtual currencies. If successful, the Salvadoran experience could change this situation.*