How to properly manage your business thanks to Actualite-FR stamps

How to manage your business well thanks to the stamps ?

The management of a company requires experience, but above all a good organization. Indeed, it is easy to get lost and make mistakes that can have enormous consequences. Tampons are essential tools in the proper coordination of a company.

How do these accessories help manage it ? Here is the answer.

Little reminder: a stamp, what is ?

A stamp is an object that allows a company to mark administrative and official documents. This tool facilitates administration tasks in the fastest and most efficient way. Indeed, using it helps each member of the team to save time, because he no longer needs to write the necessary information on each file to process by hand.

Besides, stamps highlight your professionalism, thus optimizing your credibility with your customers. It is still to be noted that these tools have no legal value since the State does not force companies to adopt them in their activities.

Be aware that you can personalize your company stamp according to your needs. You can, for example, create one with the logo of your business or a thank you stamp.

What stamps to use for better organization of your business ?

Several kinds of ink pads are made available to companies and each of them has its own function.

The Dateur Tampon

A dating stamp is undoubtedly the most essential in a company. It allows in particular to organize your archives chronologically and to raise the history of your various activities such as payment of invoices or the sending of official and important documents. If you do not date your documents, you may tangle your brushes, especially in the event of urgent situations.

You will therefore have understood, the dating stamp is ideal for facilitating the work of storage and organization.

The standard formula stamp

Many transactions must be made within a company. To better organize yourself, you need some standard formula stamps. You will be able to properly classify your documents, while automatically directing your employee in the tasks he must accomplish.

A “paid” stamp will allow your accountant to record the transaction directly and properly classify the document. A “confidential” stamp will allow the company’s secretary to give the document to a high -placed official concerned. The “validated” buffer indicates that the person responsible for the task has the authorization to perform it. You are free to choose the shape of your stamp !

An authentication stamp

The authentication stamp identifies your business. To do this, it is necessary to create personalized stamps which contain the necessary information such as the name of the company, the address of the head office, the logo if necessary, the telephone number and the legal form. For official documents, it is essential to use a stamp which contains the intra -community VAT number, the RCS number and the SIREN number.

These details mentioned on your cachet give the company of credibility.

Note: the personalized authentication stamp must be accompanied by a signature of the manager concerned of the company to be considered.

The numbering pad

As its name suggests, the number pad is used to number a document. The numbered invoices allow in particular to sort them. In addition, the numbers make it easier to retrace these documents in an emergency.

For speed of execution, it is best to use an automatic ink stamp.

The pocket stamp

As part of the work, you may have to move, to conclude a contract, for example. So you need a pocket stamp to authenticate the documents. It is characterized by its discretion as well as its practicality. Indeed, it is not at all bulky and can perfectly stand in one of your pockets or in a small bag. Customizable, this small format does not detract its effectiveness.

You can use it obviously as a standard stamp.