How to develop your Actualite-FR van yourself

How to arrange your van yourself ?

The development of a van is a task within the reach of anyone. You just have to be motivated and know exactly what you want to have as equipment and furniture inside your vehicle. It will be necessary to think of taking into account all the details and providing a sufficient budget for your project to be a success.

You want to know how to proceed ? So discover the different stages in the following.

What price to arrange a van ?

What price to arrange a van?

Do you intend toUse your van to exercise your professional activity ? Whether you are a plumber, florist, carpenter or worker in construction, you can find tailor -made fittings for your van. To carry out such a project, it will be necessary to proceed step by step by taking into account the needs of your activity as well as your budget.

So before you start, you will have to make a Specifications in order to provide a budget that will take into account all the expenses awaiting you. In this regard, we must keep in mind that a utility planning is not a project to be taken lightly. Each detail must be taken into account so that the rendering is adapted to your needs and those of your activity.

Also, chooseArrange your van yourself allows in a certain way of decrease spending, since you will have no workforce to pay. Generally, the budget required for such a project varies between 2000 and 6000 euros excluding tax. It can even go beyond, because it all depends on the installations to be done inside the vehicle.

The most important thing is to make sure not to forget anything, because the purpose of this development is to make your daily life easier when traveling for your activities. SO If it is necessary to invest In the purchase of drawer, shelf or device furniture to wear your tools and materials, do not hesitate.

Which utility to choose for the’arrange ?

Which utility to choose for the

There are many Utility vehicle models among which you can choose to carry out a professional development. Indeed, the different brands and car manufacturers provide you with many models of utility cars sufficiently spacious To facilitate the transport of your working tools and materials. So you can opt for:

  • A Volkswagen T6
  • A Renault Trafic
  • A Peugeot Boxer
  • A Peugeot Traveler
  • A Renault Master
  • A Volkswagen Transport
  • A Mercedes Vito
  • A Volkswagen Crafter
  • A Ford Transit
  • A Mercedes Sprinter
  • A Ford Transit Custom
  • A Citroën Jumper
  • A fiat ducato, etc.

These are the main models of utility vehicles that can be used as a basis for a van layout. They are robust, secure, and perfectly customizable according to the needs of each activity. In addition, their maintenance is easy and you will only have to subject you to Technical control D’A utility vehicle.

It should also be noted that when making your choice, you will have to take into account the space you will need inside van to store your working tools and materials. It will therefore be necessary to choose from the following different categories:

  • Ultra-compact models;
  • Compact models;
  • And large vans models.

How to fit out your van ?

How to fit out your van?

For arrange its van, you must first Take into account the needs of his activity. This is how you can know which installations to make your daily life easier. It will therefore be necessary to take into account factors such as:

  • There loading capacity of the vehicle ;
  • THE tools to carry ;
  • The frequency you go up and descend from your van every day.

Then, it will also be necessary to ensure the safety of your van, by installing good quality specific devices there. At this level, the different elements to take into account are:

  • Ventilation and roof aerator
  • Additional locks and padlocks, preferably made with I’hardened steel
  • Anchor points and protective nets
  • A reinforcement floor that can be aluminum
  • Additional protection partitions to be added to the vehicle walls
  • Additional lighting solutions, for example LED ramps, etc.

Regarding the different steps to follow, they are generally the same, regardless of the professional activity of the owner. The difference is mainly at the level of furniture and facilities to do. So for the development of your professional van, here is how to proceed:

  • Prepare the van in the rid of all its bulky ;
  • To proceed to insulation and the covering of the walls, if necessary;
  • Realize electrical diagram so that your van is well lit;
  • Choose a solution heating and/or ventilation for the van;
  • Buy them furniture and necessary accessories according to your activity.

You just have to follow our advice and recommendations, and you can take advantage of the advantages and amenities of your fitted van.