Buying a reconditioned iPhone

Buying a reconditioned iPhone, is this a good idea ?

The world of smartphone is advancing at full speed and new models appear every month, without really understanding their interest or the improvements they make. It sometimes becomes difficult to know exactly what phone to buy, as much because of the price as because of the difficulty of knowing in advance if it will really be worth the cost. Result, the reconditioned smartphones are increasingly important success.

A reconditioned iPhone, what is it ?

A reconditioned iPhone is a used iPhone that is ironed with a specialized reconditioning plant to be sold in an almost new condition. Its operation has been verified and it is sold under warranty at a lower price. However, the only thing that explains the drop in price is that other hands have held it and that it is not the last fashionable model.

For example, an iPhone 7 reconditioned and sold in perfect condition under warranty can be purchased at almost half the price of a new model when it comes out and to almost third of the price of a new model from the latest iPhone released this year. When we know how the latest iPhone models have disappointed because of the lack of innovation, we understand why the old models of reconditioned iPhone are so successful.

How to find a good repositioned iPhone 7 ?

Obviously, reconditioned phones are excellent opportunities, but on the sole condition of addressing a quality reseller. You must therefore take the trouble to find out about the certifications of the sites on which you go. A site like Certideal, for example, will be able to justify its expertise and give you details on the reconditioning factories to which it calls.

It is only on this condition and if the guarantees offered you seem sufficient to cover you in the event of a problem that you can trust a reconditioning site. The site must offer you a minimum warranty of 6 months on a phone which it certifies in good condition so that you are sure not to be ripped off.

What are the disadvantages of a reconditioned iPhone ?

There are still some drawbacks to buy a refurbished phone. Admittedly, you save a lot and your purchase avoids very significant pollution, but if you like to always have the latest fashionable model and you can afford it, the reconditioning of phones is not for you.

On the other hand, if this economic and very ecological approach you convince enough to overcome the few wear marks that you will probably find on your phone, you will be quickly convinced that you have made the right decision by turning to the solution of the reconditioned phones.